Courses Taught

HIST 2111/2112: United States History Survey
HIST 3755: American Foreign Policy
HIST 3760: Gilded Age and Progressive Era
HIST 3770: America from WWI to WWII
HIST 3780: Cold War America
HIST 3950 (3000): The Study of History
HIST 4930: Research Seminar in American History

Sarah Katherine Mergel, Ph.D..

Title: Associate Professor of History
Department: Social Sciences
Phone: 706.272.2675
Fax: 706.272.2698
Office: Lorberbaum Liberal Arts 244
Ph.D. The George Washington University
M.A. The George Washington University
B.A.. Boston College

Office Hours:
M: 8:45 - 10:45, 12:15 - 1:30
T: 8:45 - 9:15
W:8:45 - 10:45, 12:15 - 1:30
R: 8:45 -9:15,  10:45 - 11:45

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Born and raised in Michigan, I decided to head to Boston College to study history, sociology, and music. With my B.A. in hand I headed to Washington, DC. I attended The George Washington University to pursue an M.A. and a Ph.D. in history. I specialize in American political, intellectual, and diplomatic history since the end of the Civil War. In January 2010 Palgrave Macmillan published my book, Conservative Intellectuals and Richard Nixon. It examines how conservative intellectuals influenced and reacted to political and social developments during the Nixon administration. I also have written a biography on John Gillespie an influential member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the years before World War II as well as several encyclopedia articles on recent presidential elections and reform movements in the twentieth century. I recently completed work on an open text project, History in the Making, with the University System of Georgia and eCore for use is the American history survey course. In future research and writing, I hope to explore how intellectual thought, political trends, and foreign relations relate to one another.

Dalton State, 650 College Drive, Dalton, GA 30720
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