Dalton State Welcomes New Faculty and Staff for Fall Semester


Twenty-four new full- and part-time faculty and staff members have joined the ranks at Dalton State during a fall semester that promises to deliver another record-setting enrollment count, College officials say.

 "We are delighted to welcome our new faculty members to Dalton State," says Dr. Sandra Stone, who was named Vice President for Academic Affairs earlier this year and who assumed the position on August 1.

“They are a diverse and impressive group with noteworthy academic credentials, and their backgrounds and experiences will add tremendous value to our various degree programs,” she adds.

“As our student population reaches a record high, we are happy to add new faculty as well to meet the growing demand. We look forward to a busy and productive year at Dalton State College.”

The School of Liberal Arts will add the most new faculty this year, including Dr. Ellie M. Jenkins, the first Assistant Professor of Music. Also joining the School of Liberal Arts are Dr. Cicero Bruce, as Associate Professor of English; Dr. Tammy Byron, as Assistant Professor of History; Dr. Jennifer C. Crisp, as Assistant Professor of English;  Mr. Kay Hardesty, as Temporary Instructor in Criminal Justice; Mr. Matthew L. Hipps, as Assistant Professor of Political Science; Ms. Kathryn S. Hoff, as Temporary Instructor in Psychology; Mr. Ryan M. Reece, as Assistant Professor of English; and Dr. Seth A. Weitz, as Assistant Professor of History.

To support continued growth in the College’s bachelor’s degree programs in science, mathematics, and chemistry, the School of Sciences and Mathematics will add six faculty, including Mr. Jeffrey J. Allotta, as Temporary Instructor in Mathematics; Dr. Paula M. Allotta, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Rosemarie V. Barkus, as Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. David W. DesRochers, as Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Michael J. Hilgemann, as Assistant Professor of Mathematics; and Dr. Lirong Yu, as Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

In addition, the School of Business will welcome Ms. Ishita Dey, as Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics. Dr. Cristian R. Aquino-Sterling will join the School of Education as an Assistant Professor of Education.

Also, the Roberts Library welcomes Blake Gentry, as Library Assistant, and the Office of Enrollment and Student Services welcomes Ms. Vickie Adkison, as Office Manager; Ms. Crystal L. Edenfield, as Processing Supervisor; Chris Hixon, as Information Systems Enrollment Manager; Carol Jones, as Director of Financial Aid; Mr. Troy McGuire, as Financial Aid Assistant; Mr. Wesley M. Sargent, Jr., as Counselor; and Mr. Kendall Storey, Jr. as Admissions Recruiter