GBI Investigator to Speak on Child Abuse Investigation

Adults with an interest in the process of child abuse investigation are invited to hear GBI Forensic Investigator Beoncia Loveless when she addresses the Criminal Justice Society of Dalton State College in a free program Monday evening, April 4.

Loveless will speak on what to look for in cases of suspected child abuse and will include information taken from child autopsies, according to CJS President Kendra Cochran.  Because of the sensitive nature of some of the material to be discussed, the program is recommended for adults only.

Loveless appears at the invitation of the Criminal Justice Society and Allison George, Criminal Justice Instructor and Chief Probation Officer with the Whitfield County Juvenile Court.

Students will also be raising funds at the event which will be donated to a local agency that provides resources to victims of child abuse, Cochran said.

The program begins at 6 pm in Goodroe Auditorium of Gignilliat Memorial Hall.

Dalton State, 650 College Drive, Dalton, GA 30720
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