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Concert to Feature Historic Instruments

Dalton State presents a concert featuring reproductions of historic instruments Sunday afternoon, September 25th, at the College.

Dr. Ellie Jenkins, Assistant Professor of Music Appreciation and her husband, Eric Hanson, will perform selections on the natural horn and the five-stringed violone in the 3 pm concert which will be held in Goodroe Auditorium of Gignilliat Memorial Hall.

“The natural horn is perhaps more easily understood as the horn without valves,” Jenkins said. “This is the instrument that Mozart and many other composers of the 18th and early 19th century composed for; they are most commonly played on the modern double horn today.

“The ‘natural horn’ is a special challenge because it has no valves, and the only way to produce all the necessary notes is by opening and closing the right hand inside the bell,” she continued. “This produces subtle–and sometimes not so subtle–changes of timbre that Mozart and the composers of his day relished.

“Performing Mozart concertos on natural horn gives both the player and audience a greater appreciation of the performance practice of the time and the actual sound of the instrument that Mozart was writing for,” Jenkins said.

Hanson will perform a concerto by a contemporary of Mozart, Johann Baptist Vanhal, on the violone, a predecessor to the modern double bass, Jenkins said. “Not only does the instrument have five strings rather than the usual four, but those strings are tuned much differently. Because of this, certain compositions that are technically awkward and difficult on the modern double bass fall right into place on the violone.”

Following the exploration of 18th century works on historic instruments, Jenkins and Hanson will close with a duet performed on modern instruments, she said. They will perform Pinocchio Portraits, which was reworked for them by composer Sy Brandon.

Jenkins, who joined the Dalton State faculty in 2010, plays principal horn for the Carroll Symphony and second horn with the Rome Symphony and performs frequently with the Chamber Players of the South. She has also appeared with the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra, and toured Taiwan with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra. She has served on the faculties of several schools, including the University of West Georgia, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Eric Hanson has been a member of the Chattanooga Symphony since 1994. He previously served as Principal Bassist with the Huntsville Symphony and performed frequently as a substitute with the Milwaukee Symphony. He currently performs with ensemble groups throughout the region and is an instructor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Cadek Conservatory at Chattanooga, Berry College in Rome, and at Dalton State, and also maintains a private teaching studio in the Chattanooga area. He is currently researching contrabass stringed instruments in the time of Haydn and Mozart, focusing on the five-stringed violone, as part of his doctoral studies at the Shenandoah Conservatory.

Sunday’s concert is sponsored by Dalton State’s Office of Student Life and the Department of Humanities. Seating is first-come, first-served; no reservations required. For more information, contact Dr. Ellie Jenkins at 706-272-2528 or

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