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Paul Fonstad and Dr. Jason Schmurr Paul Fonstad, left, and Dr. Jason Schmurr review candidates for Dalton State’s ‘Math Problem of the Week’

Dalton State Offers Math Problem of the Week

Calling all brainiacs – the Department of Mathematics at Dalton State College has launched an online “Math Problem of the Week” and invites readers to test their computational knowledge.

“We started this to generate more enthusiasm for mathematical problem-solving,” says Dr. Jason Schmurr, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, who created the Math Problem of the Week along with Instructor of Mathematics Paul Fonstad. “Many students dislike math because they view it as a collection of dusty formulas to be memorized and regurgitated. But at its heart, mathematics is really about creatively solving problems, and that’s a lot of fun. People will put time and creativity into solving a good puzzle, even if they think they can’t ‘get math,’” he said.

In addition to the Math Problem of the Week, there is the Challenge Problem of the Week which amps up the difficulty factor. Both appear on the Dalton State website (, Dr. Schmurr said.

For now, the only prize for being first to solve the problem or the challenge is glory and bragging rights, but that may change at some point, he added.
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