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Roadrunner Publication Contributors
Among contributors to the new online version of the Dalton State student newspaper, The Roadrunner, are, from left, Paul Barry, Editor, and Staff Writers Carol Jackson, Rayah Henderson, and Justin Stover.

Dalton State Newspaper Returns as Online Publication

The Roadrunner is back! Dalton State’s student newspaperhas returned to campus, this time leaner and greener than ever before.

The new Roadrunner is an electronic publication, posted on the College website at Previously, The Roadrunner (originally called The Boulder) was a printed newspaper which Editor Paul Barry said created problems as newspaper staff was at the mercy of press availability and the sale of ads to support the paper.

“This is so much more efficient,” Barry said. “We don’t operate within the old constraints of ads and a printing press. It’s also more accessible now; anyone with a computer can read The Roadrunner. It’s a cleaner, more efficient way to produce our paper. And there are no more stacks of old papers lying around campus.”

There was a learning curve for Editor Barry who had to learn a publishing program so that he could lay out The Roadrunner stories and photos. “I’m very appreciative to our Technical Graphics and 3-D Design department at the College for teaching me the production end of the newspaper,” Barry said of the faculty who taught him Adobe’s InDesign software. “We have so much more flexibility now being electronic,” he said. “The paper can be as short or as long as it needs to be. InDesign is the perfect vehicle for an online college newspaper.”

And leaner production means quicker turnaround, said Barry, who hopes to publish the paper on a monthly basis.

The Roadrunner is produced by Dr. Keith Perry’s Newspaper Practicum class in the English department. Barry, an English major, hopes one day to be an English teacher and maybe even an English professor at Dalton State.  

For the premiere edition of the new Roadrunner, Barry composed an editorial on political correctness as well as an appeal to other prospective Roadrunner contributors. Other stories covered topics including learning-centered teaching by Stephanie Harrell, Dalton State’s search for a director of intercollegiate athletics by Justin Stover, double majoring at Dalton State by Rayah Henderson, a review of the “post hardcore” Calhoun band Tir Asleen by Courtney Harris, and a feature by Carol Jackson on the campus cat, Mr. Tools, who maintains order in the College’s department of Plant Operations.

In addition to Faculty Advisor Dr. Keith Perry, Associate Professor of English, The Roadrunner staff also received technical assistance from Ms. Rebecca Lowery, Instructor in Technical Graphics and 3-D Design.
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