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Dalton State Announces Lowest Tuition Increase in a Decade

April 18, 2012

This fall, Dalton State students will pay the smallest tuition increase in a decade and an increase of only $20 in student fees.

The Board of Regents voted today to increase tuition rates of all but the largest Georgia colleges and universities by only 2.5 percent, the smallest increase since FY2003. For fulltime Georgia students at Dalton State, that means an increase of only $35 per semester, from $1,388 to $1,423. Tuition for out-of-state students will increase $128 per semester, from $5,129 to $5,257.

“As an access institution, it is essential for us to keep our tuition and fees as low as they can be while still providing the level of service that our students and their families expect of us,” said Dalton State President Dr. John O. Schwenn.

All student fees at Dalton State will remain the same as last year with the exception of a new $20 fee that will be assessed for transportation. According to Vice President for Fiscal Affairs Scott Bailey, that fee will be used to provide transportation for students going to and from the main campus to off campus parking facilities as well as to help lease those facilities. A portion of the fee will be used to purchase two new 12-passenger vans over the next two years for student transportation; these vehicles will replace existing vans that are nearing the end of their useful lives. In addition, transportation fee funds will be used for public safety expenses associated with campus parking and to repair and enhance current parking lots on campus.

Total fees for Dalton State will be $443 for the semester, among the lowest in the state college sector and far below the fees levied by larger schools.

In other action, the BOR approved the University System budget and state appropriations for FY13 of $1.8 billion, which represents an increase of $89.6 million, or 5.16 percent from the current year.

The General Assembly, according to USG Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs John Brown, funded $72.5 million for enrollment growth and increases in costs to current employee and retiree health benefit programs. The strong support of the Governor and General Assembly in restoring funds to the University System provided the foundation to minimize tuition increases, he said. Dalton State administrators are assessing the impact of the restored funding to operations at the College.

In other action today, the Board approved the construction of Dalton State’s $15 million academic building, funding for which was approved by the General Assembly last month. The USG’s $315.8 million capital budget provides funding for equipment for new buildings, construction and maintenance, and repair and renovation of existing USG buildings.
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