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New Roadrunner Design Unveiled for Dalton State Athletics

April 19, 2012

  • Dalton State Athletics logo reveal
    Unveiling the new Roadrunner logo concepts were, from left, Dr. John Schwenn, President; Matt Borgen, Athletic Director Derek Waugh, Ryan Hollingsworth, and Hilary Hicks. Matt, Ryan, and Hilary were student representatives on the Branding Committee.

Dalton State has introduced a scrappy and fierce new Roadrunner who will serve as the centerpiece of a branding campaign for the College’s reborn four-year athletics program. The new Roadrunner design will be used along with other logo design elements on clothing and merchandise, game uniforms and hats, fields, and gymnasium floors; an interlocking “DS” logo will be a fixture within the Athletic Department.

The new Roadrunner is a departure from the cartoon figure Dalton Junior College used for its championship caliber junior college basketball team more than 30 years ago. “With the re-birth of athletics at Dalton State and our move towards becoming one of the top athletic and academic four-year institutions in the state and the Southeast, we decided the time was right to modernize our branding,” said Derek Waugh, Dalton State Athletic Director, who commissioned Phoenix Design Works of Maplewood, NJ to create the iconic mascot. “The Roadrunner is a unique mascot, and we wanted to capitalize on that along with our location in beautiful Northwest Georgia and the fact that our school name is the same as the city we reside in. My ultimate goal is for our branding, name, and merchandise to be as prevalent locally as UGA, UT and Georgia Tech.” 

“A Roadrunner is actually a small bird so we wanted to make him fierce looking and accentuate his weapons: speed, tenacity, a long beak and claws,” Waugh said, adding that the ultimate designs were crafted, along with Phoenix Designs, by a committee comprised of Dalton State students and long-time staff.

“I like the roadrunner with the mountains, and the interlocking DS is very cool also,” said Dalton State Business Major Ryan Hollingsworth, 23. “I personally feel that this is a very exciting time for our school and the community. Our new athletic program and logo designs give us all something to look forward to. I can already imagine a lot of people wearing gear with these designs on them.” 

Hilary Hicks, 22, of LaFayette, a junior majoring in Marketing Systems, says she loved working on the committee because it combined her interest in branding and advertising with her passion for Dalton State. “Since I love the school so much, it was a real thrill being part of the process of developing the Roadrunner brand,” she said. Of all the design concepts considered and the several adopted, Hicks says her favorite is one depicting an interlocking DS with the head of the Roadrunner, all wrapped with a menacing claw. “It looks so fierce, and it has the claw; I love the colors and the fact that it still has the Dalton State element.”

That design was also the favorite of Matt Borgen, 20, a junior majoring in Business Management and newly-elected student government president for the next academic year. “I think this is just the start of a whole new era for Dalton State,” Borgen said. “I feel like these design concepts and what they represent will revolutionize the way the community, students, and other colleges look at Dalton State.”

Phoenix Design Works is a 25 year old company that works extensively in the areas of collegiate sports and academic branding and has created and developed branding programs for numerous schools in the Southeast including the University of Tennessee and the University of Arkansas.

  • Dalton State Roadrunners
  • Dalton State Roadrunners
  • Dalton State Roadrunners
  • Dalton State Roadrunners
  • Dalton State Roadrunners
  • Dalton State Roadrunners


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