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Dalton State Students Share Scholarly Work in Showcase

June 6, 2012

Student Showcase
From left, Latisha Jones and Todd Causby, both students of the School of Social Work at Dalton State College presented a paper along with their professor, Dr. Lynne Cabe, at the 35th Annual Appalachian Studies Conference at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Other students demonstrated scholarship at the College's recent Student Scholarship Showcase.

Dalton State students have expanded beyond the classroom, sharing their scholarly work in a showcase on campus and before a regional conference group.

The College’s first Student Scholarship Showcase was designed to “promote the academic excellence and scholarship of our students,” said Dr. Lynne Cabe, Assistant Professor of Social Work, and a coordinator of the Showcase project. She was assisted in planning the Showcase by Barbara Tucker, Associate Professor of Communication, and Melissa Whitesell, Librarian at the College’s Roberts Library.

“We encourage student scholarship by fostering critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills; encouraging scientific and humanistic investigation and research; fostering academic creativity and original ideas within disciplines; encouraging analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of complex problems, and promoting student presentation and publication in appropriate outlets,” she said.

A total of 86 students representing the College’s Schools of Liberal Arts, Business, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Education, Social Work, and Technology participated in the on-campus Showcase; others presented at conferences.

Presentations featuring students from the School of Sciences and Mathematics included Brad Ogle and Matt Culbreth on “Multiples of Irrational Numbers,” Jaana Linna on “Pre-Restoration Ecological Investigation of a Degraded Urban Wetland,” Stacey Travis on “Ability of Wetlands to Improve Water Quality,” Kevin O’Toole on “Probiotics: A Donor of Antibiotic Resistance?” Joshua Peppers on “Probiotics and You!,” John Michael Allen on “Recent Developments in Nanobiotechnology,” Migneris Montalvo on “Regenerative Medicine,” Nathaniel Jones on “Living Micro Magnets,” Beth Thacker on “Hamlet, to Be or Not to Be,” “Stacey Travis and Michael Ferguson on “Ability of Wetlands to Improve Water Quality,” Irene Quintero on “Number of Divisors Project,” and Kellan Gibson on “An Arithmetic Sum.”

From the School of Liberal Arts, Department of Humanities, Holly Robinson made a presentation on “Anderson vs. Hemingway: 2111 Canon,” Daniel Petty on “Canon Fodder: Observations on Ender’s Game and Breakfast of Champions,” Leanna Gable on “Feminism and Ecocriticism in The Handmaid’s Tale,” Kathryn Mullen on “‘Everyday Use’ Triumphs over ‘Recitatif,’” and Courtney Harris on “The Canon Fight: Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’ versus O’Connor’s ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find;’” from the Department of Social Sciences, Steven Duncan on “Influence of Religion Upon the Founders,” Thomas Warren on “Prominent African American Men of the Nineteenth Century;” and Christopher Temple on “American Revolutionary Naval Policy: Freedom at the Price of Honor?”

Representing the School of Social Work in the Student Scholarship Showcase were Jose Morales on “Effectiveness of the Educational Improvement Team,” Roy Alejandro on “Cultural and Language Barriers to Services for the Mayan Population in Gilmer County, Georgia,” Marlen Rodriguez on “Exploring the Relationship Between Teenage Pregnancy and Child Maltreatment,” Becky Rodriguez on “Law Enforcement as a Barrier to Domestic Violence Reporting,” Ashley Flores on “Foster Care Youth Goals in the Independent Living Program,” Sophia Beltran on “Department of Family and Children Services Case Managers’ Perceptions of Safety in the Workplace,” Elise Robertson on “Risk Factors Associated with the Medical Neglect of Children,” and Alice Phillips on “Factors Influencing Early Admission to Hospice.”

From the School of Education, Sydnee Brooks presented “Interactive Lessons for First Grade Students in Social Studies,” and Jordan Payne and Mollie Parker presented “A Second Grade Lesson in Mathematics with Manipulatives and Smart Board.”

Students within the School of Business presented case studies on the business and operations of several local companies. Among the students and projects were Hunter Curtin, Tera Green, and Chersten Achary on Autozone 1; Zane Bailey, Jacoby Chadwick, Kevin De Kock, and Edis Krnjic on Autozone 2; Garrett Barnes, Cinthia Adame, and John Ralston on Genuine Auto Parts 1; and Braulio Perez, Christina Malanga, and Angel Dagnan on Genuine Auto Parts 2.

Also for the School of Business were Micah Arp, Lonny Ying, Sohum Naik, and Chris Whaley on International Paper 1; Laurence Lambert, Jennifer Haldeman, Angela Olalde, and Joseph Edgeworth on International Paper 2; Robin Hood-Dardy, Mark Chapman, and Beenash Sheikh on Carmike Cinemas 1; and Cesar Enriquez, Rebecca Creswell, Heather Hudgins, and Vickie Swiney on Carmike Cinemas 2.

Other School of Business students and projects included Barrett Dodd, Kelly Vermeiren, Nicole Nichols, and Joshua Ridley on Dollar General 1; Travis Lynch, Teresa Kluger, Brett Rank, and Juan Melgar on Dollar General 2; Sarah Gaddis, Marisol Sanchez, and Gary Rosser on Home Depot 1; and Stephanie Moyer, Marco Flores, Brandi Overton, and Cali Cole on Home Depot 2.

From the School of Technology, Courtney Lyn Keener presented “Research and Development of a Comprehensive Business Plan for Executive Performance Training and Therapy,” Jessica Laura Brock on “Comparison of Selected E-Readers Using Marketing Research Methods,” Kellie Marie Densmore and Armando Rios on “A Study in Architectural Rendering and Animation,” Jesus Raymundo Porras, William Darvin Murray, and Douglas Steven Yeargin on “A Study on Software Techniques for Mechanical Design,” Allen David Moore on “Real-World Project in Graphic Design: Technical Graphics/Digital Design Publications,” William Aaron Guess and Michael Scott Bastian on “A Study of Creative Techniques for Modeling and Animation,” and Zackery Thomas Holcomb on “A Study of Advanced Modeling Concepts.”

Also from the School of Technology were Adam Ellis Ridley on “Advanced Modes of Mechanical Ventilation: Airway Pressure Release Ventilation, HFOV, and Jet Ventilation,” Blake Longmire on “A Case in Pediatrics: Hurler Syndrome,” Debbie Lynett Defoor, Shannon Christina Peyton, and Lauren Chastain Sanford on “The Future of Obstetrics: Using Free Cell DNA for Gender Testing in the First Trimester,” and Stephanie Lynn Cameron, and Maria Ofelia Favela on “Development of a Model to Introduce Health and Nutrition Education to Elementary Students.”

Social Work students Latisha Jones and Todd Causby presented “Teaching and Learning Appalachian Cultural Competence” with Dr. Cabe at the 35th Annual Appalachian Studies Conference at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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