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Writing for Dalton State’s Student Newspaper

November 7, 2014

For Kayla Henderson, writing for Dalton State’s student newspaper, “The Roadrunner,” allows her to test the waters of a potential career in journalism.

“I think it's important for a school to have a newspaper because if you're anything like me and aspire to be a journalist, there's no better way to get practice,” she said.

The November edition features an article by Henderson about one of Dalton State’s newest degrees, the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. The degree is geared toward students who don’t have a particular focus, but instead wish to study in multiple disciplines.

Other stories in the current issue include one about Shannon Evans, a Dalton State junior who was recently published in the “Journal of Popular Television” for her research paper on hoarding as a reality television phenomenon, written by Sarah Blevins; and an opinion piece on jaywalking on George Rice Drive, written by Meagan Standridge.

Titled “Monday morning at the chokepoint,” Standridge wrote the pointed opinion piece to sound off about students who don’t use crosswalks on campus. She sees The Roadrunner as a way for information to reach students about hot button issues such as this.

“The paper helps spread information, helps student awareness, and expands the campus. I hope to see the paper become more successful and more popular,” she said.

Students can also anonymously submit to the section of the paper called “Roadkill,” where they can express their honest opinions about life at Dalton State. Some such comments in the November issue include comments like, “I want to see the pool fixed in the gym,” or “Kudos to everyone responsible for Coach O Court. It looks great and makes a nice addition to DSC.”

If a student has questions about the Roadrunner or wishes to submit a story for consideration, they should contact Dr. Perry at

The current issue as well as back issues of the Roadrunner can be found by visiting

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