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Dalton State to Produce ‘Romeo and Juliet’

March 30, 2015

Katherine FrommKatherine Fromm, as Lady Capulet, cries when she believes her daughter, Juliet, to be dead, during a rehearsal of “Romeo and Juliet” at Dalton State.

Dalton State is bringing the immortal words of William Shakespeare to the stage with “Romeo and Juliet” April 9, 10, and 11 at 7 p.m. and April 12 at 2 p.m. in the City Park School auditorium.

Directed by Jackie Daniels, assistant professor of communication and theatre arts, this show marks the second time Roadrunners have tackled the Bard in Daniels’ time at the College. Much like 2013’s “Twelfth Night,” the cast and crew are comprised of Dalton State students, faculty and staff.

“I wanted to reinforce Shakespeare’s words, ‘Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love,’” she said. “Hate is much too prevalent in today’s world and leads our society down a dangerous, violent path. Personally, I choose love over hate and peace over war. That is one of the messages I hope our production of Romeo and Juliet sends.”

Shakespeare’s most popular tragedy centers on two “star-crossed lovers” and the adversity they face as their families fight one another. Daniels maintains that though much of the action focuses on the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues, love is the main theme of the play.

Michael KoopMichael Koop, portraying Romeo, thinks of a plan once he hears his beloved Juliet has died during a rehearsal of “Romeo and Juliet” and Dalton State.

Not only have the cast members learned the complex language of “Romeo and Juliet;” some of them have even taken up sword fighting for the iconic fight scenes. The show also features costuming that emulates those of the Elizabethan Age.

“We have been training with a swash-buckling, sword fighting coach. The sword fighting scenes are already spectacular!” said Daniels. “In addition to the direction from me, the cast took part in a Shakespeare workshop given by Professor Chad Daniel from Shorter University. Those who enjoy Renaissance costuming, should know we have sewed our fingers off trying to recreate the time period.”

Daniels urges both Shakespeare enthusiasts and theater newcomers to attend.

“Come to hear the beauty of Shakespeare’s language played out on the stage,” she said. “Come to see the greatest love story of all time. We are pouring our heart and soul into the script. We have Roadrunner pride and want the faculty, staff, student body and the community to be entertained with our creative efforts.”

Michael Koop and Savannah CrossMichael Koop, as Romeo, bids his Juliet, played by Savannah Cross, farewell during a rehearsal of “Romeo and Juliet” at Dalton State.

The cast features Savannah Cross as Juliet, Michael Koop as Romeo, Jonathan Wright as Prince Escalus, Ixsael Trejo as Count Paris, Chase Starkey as Mercutio, Joshua Beard as Lord Capulet, Katherine Fromm as Lady Capulet, Nathaniel Payne as Tybalt, Laurie Raper as Nurse, Rosi Lowry as Rosaline, Adam Heughan as Peter, Chris Vandermerwe as Sampson, Jordan Wilson as Gregory, Christopher Mendoza as Lord Montague, Hannah Houston as Lady Montague, Scott Reese as Benvolio, Devin Hearn as Abram and Apothecary, Sean Self as Balthasar, Billy Simpson as Friar Laurence, David Sherman as Friar John, and Linsay Monbeck, Jaimie Steadman, and Rosi Lowry as townsfolk and the chorus.

Crew members include Kirt Johnson, assistant director; Tanner Hall, set designer; Sean Self, stage manager; Miriam Albor, Hannah Badger, Gabrielle O’Neal, Valeria Sanchez and Brooks Thornton, stage crew. Costuming is by Daniels, Raper, and Daniels’ theatre class. Set construction is by the theatre class. Lighting is done by Malik Barton.

“Romeo and Juliet” will be performed in the auditorium at City Park School, 405 School St. Tickets are $5 to the public and free to Dalton State students, faculty, and staff. .

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