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Dalton State Students Share Scholarly Work in Showcase

May 6, 2015

Education students
Education students who studied in Costa Rica present their work with public school students in the Upper and Lower San Luis Schools in San Luis, Puntarenas during the scholarship showcase.

Dalton State students have expanded beyond the classroom, sharing their scholarly work in a showcase on campus and before a regional conference group.

The College’s Third Annual Student Scholarship Showcase was presented April 24 in Peeples Hall with help from the Dalton State College Office of Academic Affairs and the Dalton State Foundation. The showcase featured students representing the College’s Schools of Liberal Arts, Business, Health Professions, Education, and Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Students who studied abroad in Costa Rica from the School of Education presented their work with public school students in the Upper and Lower San Luis Schools in San Luis, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Presenters included Angela Christine Warren, Bailli Alyse Douthit, Brooke Elizabeth Haynes, Chandler Brooke Scott, Kristen Michelle Anderson, Laura Beatty Callaway, Marci Alese Weeks, Nubia Federico, and Shaylee Noel Kissner.

Also presenting from the School of Education were Clyfton Tom on “Voices on Diversity and Parental Involvement: Preservice Teachers as Parents;” Abby Sparks, Mandy Owens, and Sara Douglas on “Applying Universal Design for Learning for All Learners in Today’s Diverse Classroom;” Amanda Lann on “Using a Reasons for the Seasons Research Project to Develop Students’ Pedagogical-Content Knowledge (PCK) in an Elementary Science Education Course;” and Nubia Federico on “Student Created Primary Source Lesson Plans from an Undergraduate Multicultural Course.”

From the School of Liberal Arts, Department of Communication, presentations included those from Scott Reese on “The Business of Play: Communication Theory with Nintendo and Their Game Development;” Megan Standridge on “Finding Yourself in ‘Lost’: Viewer Interpretation of the Series Through Reader Response;” Sean Self on “Changing the Canon: How Inclusion of Modern Literature Can Help College-Bound Students;” Mark Simpson on “Solving the Problem of Overcrowding in U.S. Prisons;” James Leitch on “Effects of Violent Media on Youth;” and Tanner Blackton on “Sexism in Fan Culture.”

Representing the Department of English with presentations were Tanner Blackton on “A Feminist Criticism of Greek and Roman Mythology;” Jeremy Fowler on “Psalm 139 in ‘The Paris Psalter’;” Hayley Mills; Kayla Weathers on “How I See Color;” Nathannael Quarles on “The Problem of ‘Beowulf;’” and Logan Petty on “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight;” Kayla Harper on “The Serpent and the Symbol;” Taylor Newby on “The Power to Choose: The Coexistence of Fate and Free Will;” Fernando Cedano on “The Problem of Translation;” Samantha Smith on “Two Translations;” Shanna Hayes on “Why Do Characters Want What They Cannot Have?;” and Hayley Roberts on “The Venus of Willendorf.”

Presentations from the Department of Social Sciences included Dillon Smitherman, Jamie Brown, and Jordan Gilley on “Study Environments and Memory Retention;” Lilian Sanchez and Jose Gonzales on “Understanding the Serial Position Effect on Echoic and Iconic Memory;” and Brittany Ingle, Ashlee Ingle, and Robyn Bates on “How Does Similarity Affect Students’ Perceptions of Professors?” From the School of Liberal Arts, Department of History, Leanne Courtney presented “W.E.B. Du Bois: Fighting for a Difference;” Eric T. Smith presented “Refreshing the Tree of Liberty: Failures of the American Revolution;” and Russell Smith presented “Old Hickory: The General and Champion of the Common Man.”

From the School of Science, Technology and Mathematics, Kavaeh Doroudi presented on “Determining the Randomness of Random Number Generators;” Steven Wood presented on “Mycology and Herbaria: Final Frontiers in Taxonomy;” Carol Chadwick presented on “The Use of Dermestid Beetles in Forensics and Natural History Collections;” Breann Campbell presented on “Cabinet of Curiosity: The Establishment of Dalton State’s Natural History Collection;” Tori Roy presented on “Antimicrobial Effects of Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Essential Oil;” and Garrett Swader presented “Analysis of Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids in Local Waters.”

School of Science
MaryAnn McBrayer talks about her research with yarrow essential oils to Dr. Kerry Dunbar during the scholarship showcase.

Students within the School of Science, Technology and Mathematics also participated in a poster session. Presentations included MaryAnn McBrayer on “Acute Toxicity Effects of Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Essential Oils on Daphnia magna;” Johnathan Matthews on “Counterexamples to a Strong Form of the Carmichael Conjecture;” Alan Rodriguez and Guion Burk on “Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis of Phenotypic Variation in Feline Cuticle Structures;” Muzna Saquib on “Cutaneous Antibacterial Effects of Plant Derived Essential Oils;” Austin Peterson on “Analysis of Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids in Local Waters;” Cris Shelton on “Multi-Year Investigation of a Turtle Community in a Northwest Georgia Lake and Wetland Prior to Restoration;” Carly Kaempf on “In Search of an Optimal Physical Sorting Algorithm;” and Aaron Madewell on “Dynamical Billiards in Obtuse Triangles.”

Graduating students in the Bachelor of Nursing program presented their capstone research projects in a poster session April 29 in the Brown Center at Dalton State, followed by a pinning ceremony. Presentations included Mary Aaron, RN, BSN-C, on “Chemotherapy Comparison: Revlimid vs. Valcade;” Tracy Adams, RN, BSN-C, on “A Study on the Change Times of Peripherally Inserted Venous Catheters;” Joan Cate, RN, BSN-C, on “Decrease Patient Safety Related to Higher Patient-to-Nurse Ratios;” Lindsay Conger, RN, BSN-C, on “Massage Therapy and Healing Touch for Pain Control among Neonatal and Pediatric Patients;” Jessica Dobash, RN, BSN-C, on “Bowel Motility and Probiotic Ingestion;” Diego Espinoza, RN, BSN-C, on “Clostridium Difficile;” Jadea Fox, RN, BSN-C, on “Distraction During Injections: Taking the Sting Out of Shots;” Lindsey Gazaway, RN, BSN-C, on “Preventing C Diff Infections During Antibiotic Therapy with Probiotic Interventions;” Kimberly Headrick, RN, BSN-C, COHN/CM, on “Nursing Shortage;” Hannah Holland, RN, BSN-C, on “Clostridium Difficile: Fecal Transplantation;” and Morris Holley, RN, BSN-C, on “Reducing Heart Failure Readmissions with Smartphone Symptom Tracking.”

Other presentations for the Department of Bachelor of Science Nursing included Addie Johnson, RN, BSN-C, on “Improving Flu Vaccination Rates in Healthcare Professionals;” Brandie Johnson, RN, BSN-C, on “Suicide Screening in Rural Hospital;” Haley Jones, RN, BSN-C, on “Nursing Burnout: The Difference in Shifts;” Meredith Lance, RN, BSN-C, on “Reducing Pressure Ulcers in Mechanically Ventilated Patients;” Alyssa Larson, RN, BSN-C, on “Central Line Access for the Sepsis Patient in the ER;” Onelia Lofty, RN, BSN-C, on “Influenza Vaccination;” Dale Manning, RN, BSN-C, on “Pneumonia Core Measures;” Maggie Manning, RN, BSN-C, on “Converting Patients Back to Normal Sinus Rhythm After Post-Op Atrial Fibrillation Complication;” Rory McCullough, RN, BSN-C, on “Smoking and Delayed Wound Healing;” Shayna McDougle, RN, BSN-C, on “Massage and Skin Care in Bariatric Patients to Promote Circulation and Decrease Edema;” Arthur McKinish, RN, BSN-C, on “Using Education to Increase SCD Use;” and Lisa Morgan, RN, BSN-C, COHN/CM, on “Reduction of Hearing Loss in the Workplace.”

Other nursing program presentations included Tabatha Parrish, RN, BSN-C, on “Implementing a Nurse-Driven Protocol for Mobility for Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Units;” Jamie Patel, RN, BSN-C, on “Impact of Medication Noncompliance on the Health Care System and Techniques to Increase Compliance Rates;” Andrea Rickett, RN, BSN-C, on “Management of CINV;” Crea Self, RN, BSN-C, on “Analyzing the Effectiveness of Air Mattress in Patients’ Susceptible to Pressure Ulcers;” Sarah Sexton, RN, BSN-C, on “Patient to Nurse Ratio and Mortality;” Nancy Sharp, RN, BSN-C, on “Fall Prevention Through Use of a Multifactorial Assessment and Intervention Tool;” Jeremy Stansell, RN, BSN-C, on “Aquapheresis Treatment vs. IV Diuretics for Congestive Heart Failure;” Amanda Townsend, RN, BSN-C, on “Preventing Skin Breakdown;” Carrie Walton, RN, BSN-C, on “Improving Participation in School Based Influenza Immunization Programs by Providing Health Information to Parents and Adolescents;” Calli Williams, RN, BSN-C, on “Using Nursing Based Councils to Improve Medical Units;” and Chris Witherow, RN, BSN-C, on “Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis Therapy and its Effects on Postoperative Infections.”

On May 4 and 5, senior students in the Bachelor of Social Work program presented their final projects in the Brown Center. Presentations included Kelsey Bates on “A Study of the Effectiveness of a Domestic Violence Training for Staff at Four Points;” Wendy Coker on “A Study of Positive and Negative Outcomes of Peer Groups in a Mental Health Setting;” Marilyn Echeverria on “Identifying the Success Rates of the Northwest Day Reporting Center;” Kristy Faber on “The Correlation Between the Utilization of Animal Assisted Activities in a Hospice Setting, and Opinion or Knowledge of Animal Assisted Activity;” Anne Gonzalez on “A Study of the Association Between Highly Mobile Homeless Students and Reading Grades;” Yajaira Graulau on “The Impact of Transitional Care Services on Re-Admission Rates at Hutcheson Medical Center;” Maria Khote on “The Impact of Visitation on the Reunification of Families with Children in Foster Care;” Heather Kilgore on “Identifying Barriers to Successful Placement in Catoosa County Foster Care;” Wendy Kociencki on “The Association between Mental Illness and Termination of Parental Rights;” and Chelsea Lewis on “A Study of Participant Observations on the Effectiveness of an Independent Living Program.”

Department of Social Work
Crystal Sparks, a student in the Department of Social Work, speaks with Dr. Robin Cleeland about her research on intensive case management at Highland Rivers during the scholarship showcase.

Also presenting their senior projects for the Department of Social Work were Marcia Martinez on “To What Extent Do the Participants of Question Persuade Refer (QPR) Training Increase Their Knowledge and Skills of Suicide Prevention?;” Sue Miller on “Homeless People’s Perceptions of Local Shelter and Housing Services;” Shelby Turner on “Factors That Impact Reunification, Within the First Year, for Families when Methamphetamine Use is Present with the Biological Mother;” Debbie Archer on “The Relationship Between Recidivism and After Care Services at Highland Rivers Health;” Ardin Baughman on “An Association Between Sexual Abuse and Mental Health Diagnoses with Psychotic Symptoms;” Jesse Calderon on “Anti-Bullying/Confidence Club and its Benefits on Students at Ringgold Elementary School;” Nancy Del Real on “The Impact of Gender on Teen Maze Engagement;” Atura Grant on “The Association Between Completion of Family Drug Court Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Reunification;” and Rachel Holbert on “A Look at the SKORE Program’s Success with Status Offenders.”

Other presenters from the School of Social Work included Monica Jones on “Caregiver Opinions on Alternative Treatment Options for Alzheimer’s Disease;” Julissa Mendez on “A Study of Motivating Factors for Foster Parents;” D’Ronica Morgan on “A Study of Music Intervention with Hospice Patients Residing in Nursing Homes;” Olumide Oloruntoba on “What Are the Factors that Affect Relapse in Conasauga Drug Court?;” Karibbe Rodriguez on “Effectiveness of Moral Reconation Therapy and Differences Among Male and Female Probationers;” Kacie Shelton on “The Relationship Between Sanctions and Counseling at the Drug Court;” Crystal Sparks on “The Effectiveness of Intensive Case Management at Highland Rivers;” and Taylor Smithey on “An Examination of Self-Esteem of Adoptees in Open Adoptions from Parental Perspectives.”  

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