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Dalton State Students Win at Spanish Composition Competition

May 6, 2015

Spanish Awards

Several Dalton State students received awards from the state-wide Spanish composition competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Students are divided into two categories – regular and other experience. Awards are then given for Superior, Excellent, and Notable with Superior being the highest.

Pictured are: front row, from left, Jessica Martinez, other experience, Excellent, and Veronica Ruiz, other experience, Excellent. Second row, from left are Secoyia M. Sadler, regular, Notable; Mayra Sandoval, other experience, Excellent; and Jessica Brock, regular, Superior. Back row, from left are Jonathan S. Floyd, regular, Excellent; Jeffery M. Pritchard, regular, Notable, and Nancy Mason, assistant professor of Spanish.

Not pictured are: Patricia C. Johnson, regular, Excellent; Chad A. Brown, regular, Notable; Janet Fraire, other experience, Superior; Chrissy Beck, regular, Notable; Coe W. Crawford, regular, Notable; Morgan N. Jenkins, regular, Notable; and Candace C. O’Cain, regular, Excellent.

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